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  • Toolkit for Change: Communications Tips for Concerned Citizens

    IN THIS SERIESToolkit for Change: Communication Tips for Concerned CitizensInsights from the hard fought PR battle on Burnaby Mountain. First of a series.By James Boothroyd, 12 Feb 2015Toolkit for Change: Turn a PR Pickle into a 'Crisitunity'Second in a series on communications tips for concerned citizens.By James Boothroyd, 19 Feb 2015Toolkit for Change: How Surprising Coalitions Trigger Social ShiftsLatest in a series on communications tips for concerned citizens.By James Boothroyd, TodayProtesters against the Trans Mountain pipeline captured headlines last December on Burnaby Mountain.… Read More +
  • CoDev presents the Just Film Festival

    CoDev presents the Just Film Festival r1 … Read More +
  • You did it. You stopped the Internet slow lane.


    BY RYAN GALLAGHER AND GLENN GREENWALD @rj_gallagher@ggreenwaldCanada’s electronic surveillance agency is covertly monitoring vast amounts of Canadians’ emails as part of a sweeping domestic cybersecurity operation, according to top-secret documents.The surveillance initiative, revealed Wednesday by CBC News in collaboration with The Intercept, is sifting through millions of emails sent to Canadian government agencies and departments, archiving details about them on a database for months or even years.The data mining operation is carried out by the Communications Security Establishment, or CSE, Canada’s equivalent of the National Security Agency.… Read More +
  • Drilling in the Arctic by Shell

    r1 … Read More +
  • BoycottAirCanada Takes Off!

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Hanna Kawas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Dear Friends:Since we launched our boycott campaign last week, the response has been overwhelming and people from around the globe have told us they have sent letters to Air Canada. We need to keep the pressure up and we ask you to send an email or fax if you haven’t already done so and encourage your friends and family to do the same. More info is on our website at Boycott Air Canada and ways to contact Air… Read More +
  • Two ways to keep fracked gas away from Howe Sound

    r1 … Read More +
  • Mutiny! What our love of pirates tells us about renewing the commons: Kester Brewin at TEDxExeter

  • Ending the War on Women

    VOICES| GRANTEE SPOTLIGHTFebruary 24, 2015   by Nancy NorthupIn poll after poll, year after year, a clear majority of Americans—7 in 10—say they support Roe v. Wade, the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling that established a woman’s right to abortion.In spite of this broad support, today a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her health, her pregnancy, her family, and her future is under relentless attack across the United States. Opponents of reproductive freedom are passing sham laws designed to make it… Read More +
  • Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Obtained from Wastewater

    Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona

    Currently, there are treatments in which wastewater can flow out to the river or sea without causing any environmental problems. These technologies however entail high energy costs, mainly in aeration and pumping, and an elevated economic cost in treating the sludge left over from the treatment process.

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  • Nestle Pays $2.25 TOTAL to Bottle and Sell A MILLION Litres of BC Water

    I repeat: Nestle pays $2.25 to bottle and sell a million litres of BC water.By Bill Tieleman, Yesterday,"The marketers can compete with free; it just has to be better. Look at bottled water if you don't believe me." --Psychologist Jonathan PotterHave you ever paid $2.25 for a bottle of water? Of course, and you can pay a lot more than that if you go to a Vancouver Canucks game, a concert, movie theatre or restaurant.So what if you could pay $2.25 not for… Read More +
  • Worlds First Carbon-Positive Prefab Home Hits the Market

    Green building has entered an exciting new realm. Archiblox, an Australian architecture firm, has unveiled the world’s first carbon-positive prefabricated home. The Archi+ Carbon Positive House, currently on display in Melbourne’s City Square, is so efficient it can put energy back on the grid.

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