What about the Old Site?

We will be leaving OccupyVictoria.ca site up for a historical reference but will no longer be actively updating it.  We need your help to make sure we don't lose any of the important information on the old site and it is important we migrate this info into the new paov.ca and into the appropriate section of new site structure.

occupyvictoria.ca has 273 posts and 36 pages as of Oct 13th 2012 this is a little after a year from the site going up and the first general assembly of Centennial Square.  A lot of these posts were announcements for activist events throughout the year, some organized by the PAOV and some by other groups.  Almost all have some sort of progressive sources that should probably appear somewhere on the new site and we need users help to take these posts and recreate them with their historical title and date so they can be found by our search function.

"How do I do this? "
Well first you want to check if the post/page from the old site has already been moved over, if it has and the mover used the same title then just type the title in our search bar at the top left of the site and articles with that name will pop up.

If you don't see the post from the old site in the search list then we ask you to help copying and pasting the info into a Citizens Press article, be sure to use the same title and show the date of the original post so we can modify it to reflect appropriately in the online timeline and so people dont think an event that happened last year is happening next week for example.

Please feel free to add relevant info to your contribution such as updates, links, videos of the event, etc...  just be sure to indicate that it is updated info.

"I Tried Copying but its missing the Youtube and Images?"
If you are creating anarticle in the citizens press but are not a registered user or not logged in then you will only be able to to copy and paste text.  Once you are logged in though you should be able to copy and paste embedded video, links, images and an assortment of other media.  If you are logged and still can't then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some details on what you are trying to repost and we'll fix the problem or do it for you.

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