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work/educational opportunities

Dear Friends of SJS,
VIPIRG is hiring:
VIPIRG is hiring for a key position within our organization: Internal Coordinator. 

The Internal Coordinator is responsible for administrative aspects of VIPIRG and, in collaboration with the Research Coordinator, other staff, and the Coordinating Collective (Board), for maintaining organizational processes and ensuring that VIPIRG’s goals are met.

If you are:

  • committed to social and environmental justice;
  • into working with collectives with consensus decision-making;
  • good with numbers (budgeting, working with a bookkeeper, training volunteer board members budgeting for non-profits);
  • familiar with payroll, human resources record-keeping;
  • an excellent communicator (both conversational and in writing);

And you:

  • have a great sense of humour;
  • enjoy collaborating on campaigns and other projects;


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[evoz] fresh coffee

Hi coffee lovers, Gerd is just bagging a very fresh roast of our own Cafe Simpatico beans -  med. dark roast, , fair trade, organic from Nicaragua. Still only $13.00 for a full pond/454 grams.  Drink with justice!  Call Gerd for pickup or local delivery of 2 or more pounds...250 595-7519. 

Southeast Wise Womens Herbal Conference October 10-12

11th Annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference: A Celebration of Earth-Based Healing and Women’s Wisdom

One of my favorite gatherings of the year, the SEWHC is where I connect with some of my closest girlfriends and feel held by sisters who are walking the earth wisdom path. I love soaking up the early fall colors, crisp air, and lake swims. The ritual ceremonies are beautifully held and bring a deep resonance of purpose and connection to the world. I appreciate the integrity, the food, the vibes, the love that goes into this gathering. – Janell Kapoor, Ashevillage Director

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Urgent action needed: Have your say on BC

r1 ...

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Banner at the Symphony Splash

REVISED TIME FOR VICTORIA SPLASH BANNER DISPLAY - later has been decided as better! A previous notice went out also for 4 pm so anywhere in between 4 and 5 pm is fine.  Banners will be there to hold.   This coming Sunday, August 2, Symphony Splash will take place at the waterfront in Victoria in front of the Empress Hotel once again. Thousands of people will be walking around or sitting to watch the symphony and listen to the music. The Symphony starts playing at 7:30pm, other events are also taking place in the afternoon. Last year at the same time as the Splash took place Israel was bombing Gaza and killing thousands of Palestinian civilians indiscriminately. Our Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid held a big banner on the sidewalk in front of the Empress to protest the bombing and killing of innocent civilians. We were able to reach and inform many people.
This year we are planning to be...

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[evoz] an invitation

None of us can know the measure of our lives. None of us can know what our actions might seed.”   James Loney, in his memoir, CAPTIVITY: 118 days in Iraq and the struggle for a world without war. 2011. Alfred A. Knopf. Canada.

 Dear friends, I would like to invite CASC members & friends to join Women in Black at this important vigil next week.It is a silent vigil. We have special banners & and an information leaflet we give to those who pass by. Thursday August 6 , noon- 1 pm on Government St. across from the Empress Hotel, below the Tourist Office. On the 70th  anniversary of the dropping of the A-bomb on Hiroshima. we will hand out our leaflet that will mention Canada’s role in that event & our continuing involvements in nuclear armaments.  We will call for  global nuclear disarmament and...

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Who is Marco Rubio?

Brave New Films Who is Marco Rubio?  We want to educate people on his real stances on important issues.
But we need your help to air a 30-second ad, The Real Rubio, on TV in states with large Latino populations like Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico.

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The great Highway 17 billboard contest – Mond

Our billboard is still getting recognition.  Keep 2 pm Aug. 2 open for another sign display downtown Victoria!
CAIA Active Members Committee

Quite possibly the largest online peace event in history


I’m a guest speaker for the largest virtual peace event on the planet, and I thought you might want to know about it.

The Summer of Peace is a 100% free online event, sponsored by The Shift Network. My presentation will focus on how food links to health, peace, and justice.

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upcoming events

Dear Friends of SJS,
August 1st Bus Trip to K'omoks to Participate in the Walking With Our Sisters memorial art installation.
Natalia Sudeyko, a law student at UVic, is working with a few others to organize free transportation to and from the Walking With Our Sisters memorial art installation in K'omoks this summer. Natalie writes: 
In case you're not aware, Walking With Our Sisters is an incredible art project of hundreds of hand-made and beaded moccasins. It is designed to commemorate and honour Canada's missing and murdered indigenous women. The Walking With Our Sisters website has lots of information and can be found here:

The exhibit travels all over the country and is visiting Vancouver Island for the first time this summer. It will be set up in K'omoks band hall from July 31-August 14th. I am organizing free transportation because it's a long trip to K'omoks, and it could be difficult for those who don't drive or...

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This is a reminder of our event. Sunday, July 26th.Victoria Friends of Cuba

How to get there:

BC communities say no to dirty de

r1 In this month

Last Chance for Indigenous Youth to Register

The Pacific Voices X-Change program will unite up to 15 Pacific Indigenous youth for a two-week intensive creative training day-program from August 10th – 21st, 2015. Hosted by Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP), Pacific Voices X-Change will be held in and around the Greater Victoria Area with workshops and training held at locations such as the University of Victoria and PKOLS Mountain (a.k.a. Mount Douglas). Indigenous youth ages 15-30 in and around the Greater Victoria area are encouraged to apply.

Youth will benefit from the guidance and insight of main mentor, Mohawk spoken word poet, radio host, and media artist Janet Rogers. Guest mentors  include Mohawk mash-up media artist and director Jackson Twobears, DJ Primitive, DJ Murge, as well as, Coast Salish territorial guides Cheryl Bryce and Eric Pelkey. Participants will gain insight and knowledge of the Coast Salish lands on which we live, which can become the basis of inspiration from which all creative processes will begin during the two-week intensive program. Creative explorations include but are not limited to: storytelling, creative writing, podcasting, music making, audio recording, performance, spoken word, and collaborations.

Eligible youth can apply now to attend Pacific Voices X-Change by completing the downloadable form at Submit the application form before July 27th by email to info@pacificpeoplespartnership, or by hard copy to:

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No One Blows The Whistle to Further Their Career

Brave New Films It’s way too easy for you and me, living our daily lives, to overlook the personal hardships whistleblowers are going through everyday just so we can keep America a true democracy.

Edward Snowden is still living in exile. Thomas Drake was indicted, lost his job and his pension. Franz Gayle is the target of ongoing investigations and lost the career he loved. 

Next Thursday, July 30th is National Whistleblower Appreciation Day - a time to honor whistleblowers and push for the de-criminalization of truth telling. Help us celebrate National Whistleblower Appreciation Day by hosting a free screening of War on Whistleblower in your home, community, church or school.

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Palestinians in Susiya need you



16,000 people stepped up this weekend for Susiya 
Action Alert




When we launched this petition Friday, things looked really bleak for the Palestinian village Susiya. But in 72 hours more than 16,000 people signed our petition to Secretary of State Kerry demanding he push back on his Israeli counterparts to cancel the demolition order. As of this morning, Susiya is still standing - but we need to keep the pressure on

Will you take 30 seconds now and help us get to our new 20,000 signature goal?


Susiya, a village in the West Bank, is still standing - but so is an IDF demolition order. 



Tell John Kerry to stop this calamity.

Take Action!

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Remember Bill C-51? We are going to


We need your help to hit our key target of 300,000 signatures against Bill C-51! The more people that speak out against the bill, the closer we are to getting it repealed. Share our petition to Kill C-51, and compete to win a pro-privacy prize pack!

Take Action!

Canadians have been speaking out1 for months against Bill C-51, dangerous legislation that puts law-abiding Canadians under the government’s microscope.2

Our campaign is almost at 280,000 signatures — and continues to climb higher every day, with a little help along the way from Margaret Atwood and other prominent Canadians.3

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Why Im supporting federal election plan and you should too



  Dear rabble reader,

I've been writing for since 2008 because rabble is a valuable source of information as well as of discussion and debate in Canadian media.

That is why I am writing to ask you to support rabble's ambitious election plan: #WIN2015. rabble plans to draw on its large, active reader-base to get out the vote, fact-check the election, and report on the issues that matter to all Canadians. You can make a donation and support the plan here.

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conference and call for support

Dear Friends of SJS,

Public Engagement and the Politics of Evidence Conference

Check out the live stream conference on the politics of evidence in higher education today and tomorrow:

Some of you might be interested in tuning in to this conference, Public Engagement and the Politics of Evidence, at the University of Regina which is being live streamed today and tomorrow. Speakers include: Eve Tuck, Marie Battiste, Sandy Grande, Michelle Fine, Peter McLaren, Norm Denzin, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, and Budd Hall, among others.

Conference link:

Support needed for Unist'ot'en Camp

Seb Bonet writes:

As many of you know, Unistoten Camp has issued a call for people to travel to their territory in light of escalating RCMP and pipeline surveyor presence. For those of you not familiar with Unist'ot'en Camp, it is an indigenous-led camp...

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