General Assembly Code of Conduct

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1. Check your assumptions and “isms” at the Door to help create a respectful inclusive and safe place for people to participate.

2. Listen to each other and help others to listen to others.  

3. Do not interupt others.

4. Respect the order of speakers chosen by the facilitator. 

5. Resepct the agreed upon Consesus Meeting process(ask for help if you do not know or understand the process by raising your hand and the facilitator will answer your question or get someone to help you without disrupting the meeting. 

6. Be brief in speaking your piece.  

7. Use "I" statements in stead of "We"  

8.  This is an alcohol and drug free meeting space.  Please respect the meeting by not these into the space inside or outside your body.

9. If you disagree with a persons actions or idea, speak out about the behavior or idea not against the person. 

10. By attending this meeting you agree to follow the rules of the consensus decision making process as decided by consensus of previous meetings. If you disagree with any of the rules you are free to put forth an amendement to the rules under the proposal section of the meeting.

If you want to help please ask the facilitator or others during or after a meeting.