Finance Workgroup


The PAOV Finance work group records onto a shared online spreadsheet our contribution collections as well as expenditures. Please check out the link below:

Credit union account balance

Our Purpose and Mission Statement

1.    Consensus reached by the General Assembly

  1. To create an unincorporated non-profit account with Coast Capital Savings and Credit Union in the name of “Peoples Assembly of Victoria”.
  2. Request for expenditures over $100 (one hundred) need to be directed directly to the General Assembly.
  3. Requests for expenditures under $100 (one hundred) may either be directed towards individuals within the Finance Workgroup, when they are seen in person on the square, or may be send by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., outlining the proposal.

2.    Consensus reached by the Finance Workgroup

  1. Signers for the account with Coast Capital to be Bre, Anke, Noah and Gerald.
  2. To be committed to providing timely and transparent reporting of our current financial situation both on the website and in the Camp, at least on a weekly basis, if possible on a daily basis.
  3. To hold weekly meetings, every Sunday at 1 PM, on Centennial/Spirit Square.
  4. Only Workgroups approved by the General Assembly and consisting of more then 3 (three) members can make requests for expenditures. Individuals who have an idea that need financial support are encouraged to either join an approved Workgroup or to direct their proposal to the General Assembly.
  5. Requests for expenditures under $100 (one hundred) to fall into one of two categories: Emergency expenditures and Non-Emergency expenditures.

a)    Requests for Emergency expenditures from other Workgroups to be approved immediately without consensus of the Finance Workgroup as a whole. Emergency expenditures can be taken to mean, including but not limited to: expenditures that are necessary for maintaining the health of the campers on the square and/or expenditures that are necessary for maintaining the occupation of the square.

b)    Requests for Non-Emergency expenditures from other Workgroups to be reviewed by the Finance Workgroup. If more then three members of the Finance Workgroup agree to and no member of the Finance Workgroup blocks the proposal within a 24 (twenty-four) hour period after having received the proposal by email, the Finance Workgroup as a whole assumes to have reached consensus.

3.    Requested Consensus by the General Assembly – TABLED

  1. To Amend Consensus 1.2: $100 (one hundred) into $300 (three hundred).
  2. To Add: Requests for expenditures under $300 (three hundred) to be approved by at least 7 (seven) Workgroup members, 2 (two) of whom need to be signers to the account, and that belong to at least 3 (three) different Workgroups.

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