So what is the new

The new look of course! but apart from the design the new site organization is meant to lend a voice to everyone on different participation levels; from a reposting a news article of interest to conducting an online discussion with multiple participants.  The site should also make it easier for those participating in actions or events to upload their pics, videos or other material on them.

The Home screen is fairly empty now because the site is fairly empty but once you, the users, begin to add content the Home screen will reflect this.  It is an arrangement of PAOV media, Mainstream News and updates from occupy groups around the world.   To add most content it is required that you register and this is more due to security position than a idealogical one, if the internet was free of hackers looking to exploit vunerablilities then we would have a much more open and anonymously inclusive system but we do not have teams of developers scouring over user input like facebook or twitter so have to draw the line somewhere.

The Citizens Press is where anyone can post without registering but you are limited to text input so no images, embeded video or uploading of files. Once registered you can post in the Citizens Press without the "text only" restrictions and also post in the Mainstream Media section where you can reprint any news of interest or just a link.  If you want to post something that falls into a different category then please add it to the citizens press but at the top of the article give an indication of where you would like it moved such as "Please put in OCCUPY WATCH". If you find that you are repeatedly adding information to the same areas and wish to streamline your content contribution then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request access.  

The Calendar is also a new user friendly way to add events happening in the community of interest, we have created seperate community calendars for different organizations to help display events clearly.  Right now events need to be approved before they are on the site but we are working to have this restriction removed.

The Forum is now connected with your registration of the site so you dont have to remember two(or three) logins to post in our community forum.  This should make it easier to communicate to larger groups of users without requiring endless emails blasts between users which can unfairly fill up someones email inbox.  It is also an easy way to discuss ideas and get instant feedback with user generated polls and relevant information by uploading documents.  We also allow anonymous posting in the Proposal Discussion category to ensure no one feels they will receive any retribution from the majority by voicing a concern that could be deemed unpopular.

The Help section shown by the "?" in the toolbar is separated into 2 sections Website and Occupy.  We encourage anyone to register and ask questions here so that we can inform not only on how to be a more effective voice online but in the dissident public arena.

We have many other new sections as well, Workgroups, Mob Squads, Think Tanks, Resources, General Assembly and the Learning Tree so please navigate to their menus and get a more detailed picture of what these sections are.

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