Checking in


I’m just checking in to see if you’re able to make a donation to help close our budget shortfall of CA$272,275 before this year ends.

We have so much work to do to protect the things that matter to us next year. So I wanted to take one last chance in 2018 to ask you to help out.

You can make your year end contribution here.

If you can chip in a little now, it will go a long way to support people all over the globe to stand up to corporations and win the battles that matter to us all.

I know you care about creating a fairer, more just and sustainable world. And if don’t have any money to give this time, that’s ok! We are a strong community of millions -- everyone does their part and donating money is just... one small way you help win campaigns every day. We are grateful for the support you give, whatever form it takes.

Thank you and all the best wishes for you and your dear ones.

Happy new year,



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