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Trader Joe’s is reducing 1 million pounds of plastic waste each year — all by cutting wasteful single-use packaging in its stores.

Let’s hold competitors to the same standard: Call on Whole Foods to ban single-use plastic.

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Choking out our precious marine life and leaching toxins into our bodies — no one knows just how much unrecycled plastic waste is in our oceans, but we know where it comes from.

Grocery stores are a huge source of this plastic waste. But a new initiative from Trader Joe’s could change that.

The grocery store is reducing 1 million pounds of... plastic waste each year just by scaling back on unnecessary pre-packaged fruit and styrofoam trays.

It took about 100,000 signatures from our friends at Greenpeace to win this. Now, while we have the momentum, let’s make sure Whole Foods is the next company to ban single-use plastic waste from its stores.

SIGN HERE: Tell Whole Foods to ban single-use plastics in its stores.

Our planet is facing nothing less than a plastic epidemic, and single-use plastic waste plays a big role. More than three-quarters of all plastic waste in the country ends up in landfills, where it will take some 500 years to decompose.

Whole Foods has heeded customer concerns about plastic waste in the past. In 2016, the chain pulled a pre-packaged, peeled mandarin orange product after Twitter users pointed out the absurd waste of plastic.

Trader Joe’s announcement is proof of the impact that small changes to grocery store packaging practices can make. That’s why we need to rally our voices now and call on competitors like Whole Foods to help set a new industry standard for reducing plastic waste.

Tell Whole Foods to help take on the planet’s plastic crisis and ban single-use plastics.

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More information:

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