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By Haseena Manek

Thirteen labour council presidents from across Canada have signed onto an open letter calling for the theme of Labour Day 2019 to be #UniteAgainstRacism.

The letter was released by the Migrant Rights Network (MRN) as part of their ongoing anti-racism campaign. It calls for the labour movement to endorse the campaign by making #UniteAgainstRacism the theme for their Labour Day events, as well as participating in trainings and webinars about racism and migrant justice made available by MRN, and taking part in a national day of action on June 16.

“The ask is either join an existing mobilization in your community or organize one,” said Preethy Sivakumar of MRN in an interview with Rankandfile.ca. “It could look like a workplace action. It doesn’t have to be massive; we’re just asking everyone to publicly demonstrate and show solidarity.” Read more!


This week, Alberta premier Jason Kenney introduced Bill 2, an Act to Make Alberta Open for Business. This bill overall reduces labour costs for employers by reducing holiday and overtime pay, and introducing a youth minimum wage at 13$ which is lower than the $15 minimum wage introduced by the NDP. The bill also removes card check certification for union drives, and brings back the secret ballot vote, which reduces the number of successful union drives by allowing more time for employer intimidation. If passed, the bill will come into effect June 26.

We’ll hear from Daniel Huber, restaurant organizer with the Alberta Vanguard Association and FairServe.ca, on the impacts of this bill and fighting back will look like. Read more!


By Zaid Noorsumar

Staff and residents are caught in a vicious cycle of violence in Ontario’s nursing homes.

Caregivers who are punched, kicked, and spat on as they tend to residents. Caregivers who are scratched and bitten. Accustomed to bruises and burns. Groped and harassed. Burnt out, anxious, stressed and depressed.

The working conditions of caregivers in Ontario’s long-term care homes are nothing short of appalling, according to a recent CUPE-commissioned survey of over 1,200 workers. Sixty-two per cent of personal support workers experience daily violence from care recipients. Read more!


By Ritch Whyman

Picket lines went up across cities, towns and worksites in Ontario this week as 12,000 members of the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters walked out on strike. This is the first major strike under the Ford government and could have serious effect on several major industrial and infrastructure projects in Ontario.

The workers voted overwhelmingly to strike after the Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario (the employers organisation in the industry) refused to back down from major demands for concessions. Read more!

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