What Happened in Sudan?

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1901 ... October 3, 2019

What Happened in Sudan?

Vijay Prashad

On 19 December 2018, an uprising began in Sudan. This uprising would culminate in the removal of Sudan’s president -- Omar al-Bashir -- from power on 11 April 2019. The army staged a conservative military coup to abort the revolutionary tide and keep the same old policies. It dissolved the parliament and established a two-year military regime led by the Transitional Military Council. The revolutionary forces -- galvanized into the Alliance of Freedom and Change, with the Sudanese Communist Party and the Sudanese Professionals Association at the front -- continued their march forward, determined to make a full revolution.

The clash between the Transitional Military Council and the Alliance of Freedom and Change continues. It could either result in an Egypt-like solution, where the military regime masquerades as a democratic party, or it could move forward with a revolutionary democracy.

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