Pull Together means business!

Pull Together means business! r1 ... r33


From November 27-December 3, businesses with a conscience are joining forces to raise funds for Pull Together, RAVEN's campaign with Sierra Club BC to support Indigenous legal challenges to the Trans Mountain pipeline. We are thrilled to see restaurants, yoga studios, grocers and progressive brands in communities from Toronto to Portland to Vancouver stepping up in support of Indigenous Nations.

Our enterprising friends are taking a stand for our common future. Please give them a shout out on social media or, better yet, support them by going for dinner, taking a yoga class, or buying (zero-waste) groceries.

No matter where you live, you can join in on the fun of the Week to End TMX. Got a business? It’s not too late to jump aboard.

And: we have some great news! All donations are being matched, right now. Give $1, and Indigenous Nations get $2. Multiply that by thousands of people pulling from all corners of the country, and what you get is a legendary merger of passion and purpose.

Together we can shut down TMX’s ill-considered pipeline and tankers project — and hold the Canadian government accountable to its own laws regarding consultation and accommodation of Indigenous Peoples.


All week, we’ve watched your donations roll in: we’re nearly halfway to our $400k goal. We can’t match the dollars Big Oil spends trying to greenwash the image of the toxic tar sands. But we CAN match every dollar you donate, and make a strategic investment in Indigenous legal action to tackle TMX.

We are building a movement of organizers, fundraisers, and supporters, and we mean business. Thank you for pulling with us,

Andrea + RAVEN Team

Ps On Nov 29, join the global Climate Strike and then warm up with goodies from these amazing coffee shops and restaurants.

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