Apple is ripping us off

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Apple is ramping up its campaign to make sure that we aren't allowed to repair our own devices.

When Ontario tried to pass a Right to Repair bill earlier this year, Apple and other big tech lobbies swooped in to kill it, making sure we had to continue to pay upwards of $800 to repair our phones.1

OpenMedia's own poll found that 75% of Canadians support Right to Repair legislation, and 2020 is the year we're going to make it happen. But we're also working to protect our right to privacy, stop faulty facial recognition technology, and convince Parliament to allow MVNOs in Canada to lower cell phone bills. It's an ambitious program, and we can't do it without you.

OpenMedia has set a goal to raise $75,000 by January 1 to secure our digital rights in 2020. And if you donate now, your gift will be DOUBLED by generous donors. Click here to chip in now.

OpenMedia was founded to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free—and that fight is going to be bigger than ever in the upcoming year.

Apple, Samsung, and other technology developers are fighting to stop us from making repairs on devices like tablets and phones—devices that we own.

Facial recognition technology that is wildly inaccurate and unfairly targets minority populations is becoming more widespread.

And Bell and other telecom companies are trying to block MVNOs, the smaller, independent companies that could finally bring down cell phone data prices and close the digital divide.


But 2020 also brings in a new government, one that has promised to protect our digital rights.

We're finally going to convince the government to establish a meaningful national broadband strategy. 20% of Canadians still don't have adequate Internet access, and those of us who do pay unfairly high rates.

We're growing our strategy and our team in 2020, and we need your help. We're very fortunate to have generous allies who have agreed to DOUBLE every donation we receive in December. Now it all comes down to you: Will you donate to help us take back the Internet in 2020?


For the Internet,
Laura at OpenMedia


[1] Right to Repair Bill Killed After Big Tech Lobbying In Ontario: Motherboard

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