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On a sunny Tuesday morning in December, SumOfUs joined nearly 100 people at a meeting of Florida water officials to deliver over 380,000 petition signatures demanding that they stop Nestlé from draining Ginnie Springs.

And your signature was one of them, A.

After handing over the massive box of signatures, townspeople and local activists spent two hours making passionate public statements against Nestlé’s water grab. Many of them had driven three hours just to be there. Some were even missing school for the day.

After the meeting, SumOfUs and our partner Our Santa Fe River kayaked down the Santa Fe River to bring a powerful protest directly to Ginnie Springs.

Ginnie Springs petition delivery video

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Your petition signature helped us make a big splash. Water officials were paying close attention, and even thanked us for our passion.

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Nestlé is already bottling a small amount of Ginnie Springs’ water using an expired permit. And in the next few months, officials will decide whether... to approve a new permit that would allow Nestlé to suck nearly half a billion gallons of water out of the springs every year.

We need your help to pull out all the stops to protect this water from Nestlé’s greed.

Publix, Florida’s largest grocery store chain, sells Nestlé’s bottled water from Ginnie Springs. If you can convince Publix to take Ginnie Springs water off its shelves, it would be a huge blow to Nestlé. And it would send a powerful message to Florida officials that it doesn’t make economic sense to approve the permit.

Tell Publix: Stop profiting from the destruction of Florida’s water supply.

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