Ford's Fight with Educators: A Student's Perspective

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1996 ... February 11, 2020

Ford’s Fight with Educators: A Student’s Perspective

Victoria Lunetta

It’s hard to walk across the University of Toronto (U of T) campus without your eye catching the grand, pale-bricked building that sits parallel to the greenery of Queen’s Park. It is even harder to find a U of T student who has not witnessed or participated in a protest on the front lawn of the same building. The Ontario Legislative Building is home to our province’s Legislative Assembly and it hosts the government that has repeatedly told teachers, students, and parents that primary and secondary education warrants cuts to funding instead of investments.

In March 2019, the Doug Ford government announced a series of cuts to education across the province. Outrage broke out across Ontario, leaving educators, parents, and students concerned for the future of Ontario’s plan in education. The Ford government has cut programs and services, capped wages, increased classroom sizes, introduced mandatory e-learning, and plans to eliminate thousands of teaching positions while it cuts support programs for the most vulnerable students across... the province. After months of failed negotiations and bargaining between Ontario’s teachers’ unions and the government, education unions across Ontario stepped forward with overwhelming numbers of support from their members in favour of strike action. During December and beginning the week of January 20th, a series of walkouts took place among elementary and secondary schools across Ontario.

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