Canadas 25¢ without a caribou?

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Quebec’s deforestation companies have just been granted access to protected areas on the North Shore, home of the threatened woodland caribou.

Tell the Quebec government to reinstate its protective measures for the threatened woodland caribou.

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While no one was looking, Quebec abolished its own protective measures safeguarding the threatened woodland caribou, all in the name of giving giant logging corporations access to protected boreal forests.

Deforestation companies are staking land that the caribou, and the Innu nation, need to survive. And the Quebec government are letting those companies walk all over that land.

But this Quebec government is known for its flip-flopping on issues, especially when it is under pressure. It just overturned its own (bad) decisions on immigration. A strong support for Caribou now would show them just how organized and serious we are about protecting our caribou.

Tell the Quebec government to protect our boreal forests and reestablish protections on caribous.

Extinction is forever.

And... it’s not just the woodland caribou that is threatened, it is an entire nation’s culture and way of life, the Innus’ livelihood depend on the herd of caribous still migrating.

The Pessamit Innus have stopped hunting the caribou for the past ten years, watching, as the forest industry continues to chop away at the animal’s vital living space which shrinks day by day.

The caribou is sacred for the Innu and their objective is to protect a large forested area called the Pipmuacan sector.

But the caribou population continues to plummet. It now stands at less than 6,000 while the Quebec’s government target was 11,000 by the end of 2020.

We know that when SumOfUs members banded together to stop the CDPQ, Quebec’s Pension Fund, from continuing to invest in Amazon deforestation, it quickly responded by divesting from Brazil’s meat-producing behemoth JBS.

Will you help protect Canada’s iconic animal from extinction by signing the petition?

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More information:

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