Rights Against the Machines

LeftStreamed — Recorded in Toronto, 26 February 2020

Rights Against the Machines:
Organizing Food Courier Work in Toronto and Bologna

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is leading a drive to unionize Foodora bike and car couriers in Toronto – the first case of these food courier workers to unionize in Canada that is currently before the Ontario Labour Relations Board. In Bologna, Italy, the Riders Union Bologna (RUB), representing food delivery workers in that city, has recently met with some degree of success. This panel discussion explores the experiences of both campaigns in an effort to learn more about how unionizing can transform working conditions within the context of a rapidly emerging platform capitalism.

Introductions by Tim Bartkiw and Bryan Evans. Presentations by:

  • Marco Marrone (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Venice)
  • Iván Ostos (Bike Courier, Foodora)
  • Liisa Schofield (Lead Organizer, Canadian Union of Postal Workers)

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