World Bee Day

r1 It’s World Bee Day. Add your voice to help protect the planet!


It’s World Bee Day — Let’s Protect our Pollinators!

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Dear Paov,

For years, experts have been sounding the alarm about an “insect apocalypse” that could wipe out critical pollinators like bees.

They’re an essential part of our ecosystem and responsible for one-in-three bites of food we eat. So today, on World Bee Day, we’re raising the buzz with Global Citizens everywhere.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently launched a new global petition to protect all of nature — including bees — and they’re gonna deliver it directly to the UN in New York. Let’s pile on to protect the planet!

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From car pollution to harmful insecticides, bees face threats at every turn, but as COVID-19 has forced people into isolation and economies to slow the risks to bees have been reduced. And with the right leadership, the tragedy of this pandemic can give way to a new sustainable future.

Bees pollinate the food we love — apples, avocados, almonds — but the problem is way bigger than just bees. Experts say that plummeting insect populations actually threaten the collapse of nature because, in addition to pollination, they're also an essential source of food for other creatures.

Let’s tell world leaders that we’re counting on them to protect pollinators, and other natural spaces and species critical to our future. Add your voice to help supercharge WWF’s call.

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With hope,

Ari and the Global Citizen team

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