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People we know and care about are hurting because of decades of climate inaction, mass austerity and the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, corporate elites continue to rake in millions of dollars off the COVID-19 crisis, and right wing interests think it’s a “great time” to ram through dirty fossil fuel projects that never had consent from communities to begin with.1

I feel the fear and anger in the face of these converging crises that so many of us are experiencing. That’s why I am hosting a Just Recovery teach-in for my community in the Ottawa Valley to channel that fear and anger into powerful action.

Over the next few weeks, there are over 30 teach-ins planned from coast to coast to start organizing to win a Just Recovery. Check out the map to find a digital teach-in with people near you and take action.

Don’t see a teach-in near you? It isn’t too late to raise your hand to host a community teach-in for a Just Recovery. Click here to get started. We’ll support you every step of... the way.

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing governments to reckon with the inadequacies and inequities of our systems. That’s why people across the country, many of whom have never planned an online action before, are hosting conversations about a Just Recovery to ensure we don’t go back to business as usual of climate inaction and rising inequality.

This explosion of people raising their voices is exactly what we need in order to create the kind of overwhelming public pressure that is impossible to ignore by our elected officials.

Sign up now to join or host a digital teach-in to join the growing movement to win a Just Recovery and build back better.

In solidarity,


1 -- Trans Mountain pipeline: Protest ban is 'great time' to build, says minister

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