Pronouns and why they matter

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an update on our communications

Dear BCCLA Supporter,

You may have noticed a change in our recent emails to you. We’ve added our pronouns to our signatures in our emails, and it’s important that we’re clear with you about why we made that change.

Our Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary community members already have a deep understanding of pronouns. This email is specifically for those of our community members who don’t know about this practice. We hope this serves as an explanation and the beginning of more conversations about gender and inclusion.

We acknowledge and honour that there are multiple genders. We want to avoid reinforcing the idea that there are only two genders by defaulting to she/he pronouns. It’s also important that we don’t make assumptions about which pronouns people use based on their appearance or how their name sounds.

It’s important that everyone, not just trans people, understand pronouns and why they matter. Using someone’s pronouns is a way to respect them and... create an inclusive environment. When someone shares their pronouns, it tells others what pronoun they want to be used when talking about them in the third person. Sharing your own pronouns, as I am doing below in the signature under my name, is one way to create and normalize a space where people can share theirs.

We want to make sure that people of all genders feel comfortable accessing our resources, working, and volunteering with us.

If you are interested in learning more about using gender-inclusive language and creating safer spaces for trans people, this website has excellent information.

We commit to continue the fight against the oppression of LGBT2SQIA+ identity and to promote genuine equality and justice for LGBT2SQIA+ people.


Sambriddhi Nepal
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Supporter Engagement and Development Manager

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