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Hundreds of companies have already dumped Facebook ads until the platform cleans up its hate speech problem, doing critical damage to Facebook's bottom line.

Now we can join too! If millions tell Facebook we're boycotting ads and download an ad blocker, we can create a new wave of pressure and force Facebook's hand. Help stop the hate:

Join the facebook ad boycott


Facebook is reeling as corporate giants — from Coke to Ford to Starbucks — suspend their ads on the platform until it cleans up hate speech.

Ads bring Facebook 99% of its income, so this boycott is hitting where it hurts — and now we can join in, too.

If millions of people say we won’t let Facebook show us any ads until they clean up the hate -- and download a simple, free adblocker -- we can generate a new people-powered media wave and double the pressure on Facebook to act.

We need massive participation for this to work —... click below to say you'll #BlockTheAds until Facebook gets in line:

Yes, I’ll join the Facebook ad boycott

It’s high time Facebook cleans itself up — it’s loaded with pages promoting white supremacy, misogyny and more, and Facebook simply refuses to step up and police it.

Already 800 companies have joined the boycott, pulling millions of dollars of income from Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on the back foot, holding public employee meetings, sending his policy chief on TV to do damage control, and even agreeing to meet with the coalition leading the boycott effort.

But he’s also saying he bets advertisers will be back “soon enough”. We need to add the pressure right NOW, with millions of users joining in to choke Facebook’s business model until they stop benefitting from hate. And we don't have to block ALL sites -- we can adjust the settings to just block Facebook, so the companies helping push Facebook can still receive ad revenue elsewhere.

It’s within our power to force Facebook to change. Let’s capitalize on the energy created by the business boycott, and start one of our own -- tell Facebook you're not helping them get rich off hate:

Click to join the boycott of Facebook ads and download a free adblocker

Our community fights every day to hold big corporations accountable. Now we have hundreds of companies doing the right thing — let’s show them support, and do our own part to change Facebook for good.

Join the facebook ad boycott

Thanks for all that you do,
Danny and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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