Havana Once Again Under Quarantine

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2176 ... August 25, 2020

Havana Once Again Under Quarantine

Last month The Bullet published a report on Cuba’s remarkable success in meeting the threat of COVID-19, "Cuba in the Last Stretch of the Pandemic." At the time there was good reason to accept Fernando Ravsberg’s assessment that Cuba had successfully met the challenge, that the worst was over and that the mop-up operation then under way would limit the virus’s impact on the island’s population even further.

But events have taken a different course, as Ravsberg explains in the article below. Taking advantage of human errors, the virus has punched through the weak spots in the nation’s defenses, particularly in and around the capital region. The article here is an update, and should be read together with the earlier one, which contains a good deal of information about the unique strategy that Cuba developed to protect its population. Cuba continues to rely on the same strategy in this new phase of the struggle against the pandemic.

This report by Ravsberg first appeared on the Salvadorian digital daily news... site ContraPunto on August 10. The translation from the Spanish is by The Bullet.

Writing here two weeks after Ravsberg’s article appeared, it is possible to provide some more current data. On August 22 the Cuban Ministry of Health reported that as of that date the COVID-19 virus had killed 91 Cubans; it had infected 3,682 others. In the course of the previous week more than 300 new cases of infection were uncovered (most were asymptomatic) and three deaths were recorded. The data also demonstrate that the virus is continuing to spread, including to other regions. The difficult struggle is far from over.

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