We're hoping for a surge of donations today so we can lift our plans off the ground and build the future we deserve

 I'm reaching out to you first because we're preparing for a big fight.


This is big: the Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson just announced plans to table a net zero emissions bill in Parliament tomorrow.1 That means that this will be the first major piece of climate legislation that the Trudeau government will bring forward since getting re-elected last year.

I'm reaching out to you first because we're preparing for a big fight ahead to strengthen the policy Trudeau's government is putting on the table and hold them accountable to building back better.

But before I dive into our plans, if you're prepared to make a $3.50 donation — or whatever you can afford — to help us build the movement we need to turn our plans into action, please make that donation using the link below:


We’re hitting the ground running tomorrow and I wanted you to be the first to know what we’ve got up our sleeves. So here’s our plan:

  1. Hold them accountable: In their September Throne Speech the Federal government made some big promises to make climate action a “cornerstone” in their plans to build back better. We’re going to make sure that they deliver on what they’ve promised.
  2. Demand Ambition: We know that a real climate plan needs to take big steps towards retooling our economy to tackle the climate emergency. That’s why we will build people-powered support to ramp up the ambition of this legislation. We’ll fight to demand action to transition Canada off fossil fuels in lines with climate science, enshrine a commitment to respect Indigenous rights, and create millions of green jobs.
  3. Win ambitious new climate policy: In order for this legislation to pass, Trudeau’s minority government will need the support of opposition parties. We’ve got a rare opportunity here to push opposition parties to leverage their power by calling for bold and ambitious amendments to the Trudeau government’s proposed legislation. We’re going to take advantage of this by building a movement from coast to coast that pushes opposition leaders to step up as climate champions.

If this is a plan you can get behind, then your donation will go a very long way in helping to make it a reality:

If you are able — and only if you are able — please make a $3.50 donation to 350.org today.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve worked hard to demonstrate coast-to-coast opposition to tar sands expansion. Since November 7th, we’ve collected thousands of signatures calling on President-Elect Biden to remain staunch in his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. Yesterday, we worked with groups across the country to coordinate actions from coast to coast calling on Trudeau to Defund TMX.2

At 350.org, we’ve never shied away from picking tough fights with Big Oil and their political allies. But, we also know the importance of looking forward and imagining a better future that we all deserve. That’s why we’re going all in on the fight to win bold and ambitious climate legislation that meets this crisis at the scale and urgency that’s needed.

So thank you for chipping in today, anything you're able to donate goes a very long way in helping lift these plans off the ground so we can build the future we deserve.

In solidarity,

Atiya Jaffar




1. - Our Commons: Notice Paper Wednesday November 18th
2. - 350 Canada: On Nov. 17 We Sounded the Alarm

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