City Councillor files CRTC complaint against CFAX radio on Pink Shirt Day

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City Councillor files CRTC complaint against CFAX radio on Pink Shirt Day 2021 for “misleading, unbalanced programming” on issue of homelessness

February 24, 2021

VICTORIA, BC— On Pink Shirt Day 2021, which calls on the public stand up to bullying and harassment, Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt has submitted a complaint to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), claiming that CFAX 1070 radio has breached its obligations under the Broadcasting Act and Radio Regulations for its “misleading, unbalanced programming” on the issue of homelessness in BC’s capital region.

“Broadcasters have a legal obligation to provide balanced coverage on matters on public concern,” says Isitt. “CFAX has unfortunately not been a good actor, demonstrating a disturbing and persistent pattern of misleading, unbalanced programming on the complex social issue homelessness.”

Isitt’s complaint draws from a detailed analysis of a CFAX segment from February 11, 2021, which he describes as “typical of the wider pattern of unbalanced, misleading information.” Along with his complaint to the CRTC, Isitt has issued a “Fact-Check” document, debunking several claims that CFAX advanced in that Feb. 11 segment.

Isitt says that he was motivated in part by Pink Shirt Day to file his complaint against CFAX, as part of a... broader effort to encourage community members to stand up to bullying and harassment.

“Rather than remain silent, I have decided on Pink Shirt Day to take a stand against this bullying over our public airwaves,” says Isitt. “We all have an obligation to stand up to bullying wherever it occurs and support vulnerable community members against fear-mongering and harassment.”