An epic climate scam

Shell is trying to con the world that it's taking action on climate change. Really it's writing a blank cheque to pollute.

But we can expose them: tell Shell’s biggest investor, Blackrock, to vote down its sham climate plan!

A Shell oil truck passes in front of an oil refinery

Email Blackrock


Oil giant Shell has come up with a plan to be a cleaner, greener company. But scratch the surface and it’s clear Shell’s climate plan is a total sham.

If this plan proceeds it will give Shell cover to keep polluting our planet for decades to come - and give other oil companies a free pass to do the same. Which is why we must stop it.

And here’s our chance: Shell’s climate plan is being presented to shareholders next week. If the company’s biggest investor - Blackrock - votes the plan down, Shell’s board will be forced to rip it up and start... again.

Email Blackrock and call on them to vote down Shell’s fake climate plan!

Shell knows its business model is destroying the planet. But rather than change with the times, it’s invested a fortune in producing a piece of dangerous PR spin.

This plan may look impressive, but it’s all in the fine print. Shell is pretending that planting some more trees and boosting biofuels will slash climate-changing emissions. It’s a dangerous lie.

In truth, Shell wants to keep pulling in profits from oil and gas for as long as they can get away with it and to hell with the communities that are being poisoned and polluted, or ravaged by wildfires, floods and hurricanes.

But if powerful investors like Blackrock vote no, it will send a chilling message to Shell and the other oil majors that sitting on your hands while the planet burns won’t cut it.

Tell Blackrock: Don’t believe Shell’s fake climate plan - vote no!

Blackrock has already warned companies to get serious about the massive risk posed by climate change - now it needs to follow through and call out Shell’s climate plan for what it is: a dangerous scam.

Email Blackrock

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