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PAOV — Nove and Dexter, two American Bullys, are being held under Ontario’s Dog Owners Liability Act, which limits and regulates pit bull ownership in the province. Petition starter Alix claims that neither dog is a pit bull; both are registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). Alix is calling on the municipality to return Nove and Dexter to their loving home. You can help by signing the petition today.

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We are petitioning you to immediately release two dogs being wrongfully held by Ms. Cheryl Roberts, animal control for the townships of West Grey, Arran-Elderslie, and Chatsworth, using the Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA).

Nove and Dexter, two American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) registered American Bully’s, were found by a Good Samaritan on March 15th after escaping their yard in the municipality of West Grey. After a frantic search by their owner, Ms. Deanna Wheeler, she saw a post on social media made by said Good Samaritan who confirmed that she had brought the dogs to Dr. Kent Charlton’s veterinarian clinic in Durham, Ontario to keep them safe from harm. Immediately, Ms. Wheeler left to pick up her dogs. On arrival to the clinic, Ms. Wheeler was advised by Dr. Charlton that he could not release the dogs due to the allegation made by Ms. Cheryl Roberts that the dogs were actually “pit bulls”, therefore illegal in the province of Ontario.

Ms. Wheeler provided Ms. Roberts with proof of pedigree, ABKC registration, and micro-chipping information to prove that her dogs were American Bully’s, not “pit bulls”, therefore legal in the province of Ontario. Nove and Dexter also have vet paperwork confirming this to be true. None of the documents were accepted by Ms. Roberts as adequate proof of breed, and Ms. Roberts insisted on a DNA test. DNA test results confirmed that both dogs are 100% pure breed American Bully, a breed distinctly recognized by the United Kennel Club and the American Bully Kennel Club with its own breed characteristics and DNA. Ms. Roberts then claimed that American Bully’s are substantially similar to a “pit bull” and is still refusing to release Nove and Dexter.

Ms. Wheeler, through the help of her lawyer, has obtained a letter of confirmation from Mr. Dave Wilson, the President of the American Bully Kennel Club and the co-creator of the American Bully breed, stating that an American Bully is not a “pit bull”, nor a “pit bull type”. Mr. Wilson clearly states the American Bully was created to be the ultimate companion breed that is docile and friendly. His letter confirms “A dog is only considered purebred after generations of being bred that way. If a registration document says ‘American Bully’, there would be nothing in the lineage that would be anything but American Bully.” He also confirms “The American Bully has become a breed within its own right and has paved a new path in the companion dog breed class that separates it from not only the ancestral dog breeds in its heritage, but also the other dog breeds that occupy the class (of companion)”.

Ms. Wheeler has 3 grandchildren who live with her who have a close and special bond with Nove and Dexter. The entire family’s mental health continues to deteriorate with the fear that their family pets will be sent away. This is not the only instance where Ms. Roberts is misidentifying a dog as a “pit bull” – there is currently another case of mistaken identification of breed in Arran-Elderslie of a dog named Blue, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Quarry, an American Bulldog and a registered service dog to his owner, who Ms. Roberts has also claimed is a “pit bull”. Ms. Roberts has charged Blue’s owners under DOLA and their court date is set for June 1st.

This behavior against responsible dog owning residents of West Grey needs to stop immediately.

We the undersigned demand that Nove and Dexter be released into the custody of Ms. Wheeler, that the boarding and legal fees being charged to Ms. Wheeler are covered by animal control bylaw services, and that all charges against Mr. and Mrs. Quarry are dropped. We demand Cheryl Roberts be reprimanded and removed from her position in animal control for abuse of power by a public servant.

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