Protect this husky!

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Protect this husky!

Cait A started this petition to Brampton Animal Services, City of Brampton and it now has 13,487 signatures

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On May 25, 2021, a 7 year old female husky/malamute was... removed from 16 Bissell Drive in Brampton.

The dog was photographed/videotaped being trapped in a crate for 6 consecutive days, in 30+ Celsius temperatures. The dog was let out once daily, where it was hosed down with water. After the post was seen by thousands online, police and fire investigated the home and deemed the dog was not at enough risk to be removed from the home. Local rescuers offered the owner money in exchange for letting them rescue the dog, and the owner refused.

The dog owner is a renter in this home, and cites landlord issues as the reason the dog is locked up 24/7.

The owner has temporarily surrendered the dog, but can retrieve her at any time.

No animal deserves to be trapped and to live in conditions like this. Please help bring attention to this sweet girl, so we can make sure she never returns to these living conditions.

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