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This summer, as you know, climate change has hit the news hard. Politicians, billionaires, even multinational corporations are telling us that we must “act now”. But what they haven’t told us, and don’t want to tell us, is that it is their own shameless theft and destruction of natural wealth that has brought us to this point. And that their “solutions” to climate change and loss of biodiversity will create yet more misery for tribal peoples and all humanity.

Another way is possible.

The very people accountable for these environmental and human disasters now proclaim that we should turn 30% of the Earth into “Protected Areas”, a process that, all over the world, has denied indigenous and local people access to their lands. They say it’s a good idea. But Protected Areas do not protect nature! Recognized indigenous territories do. All the scientific evidence says so clearly; and the human rights cost of ignoring it is huge...

It’s time to listen to the real experts - now.
Join "Our Land, Our Nature" Join the indigenous and non-indigenous activists and experts who will speak truth to power at “Our Land, Our Nature”, a counter-congress to one of the biggest conservation events. They will present a vision where indigenous rights are part of the solution. You can be part of this unique event – registration is free and open to all, either online or in person.

It will take place in Marseille, France, September 2-3, as an alternative to the IUCN World Conservation Congress (also in Marseille). On 3 September, we will protest in the city against the dangerous, green-grabbing proposals coming from the IUCN. You can lend your voice to our protest, virtually or in person.

More than 2,000 people have already registered. We hope you will too, and be part of the movement to decolonize conservation.

I look forward to seeing you there.
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