Save Kiska from Marineland

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Save Kiska from Marineland

Kay Pea started this petition to The Government, and it now has 17,333 signatures

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Whales like Kiska who have been living in deplorable conditions for far... too many years at Marineland. Kiska for example has been living in isolation since November 2011. Her 5 calves have died young, her other companions have also died or been moved/sold to other facilities. These are highly social animals who need other whales to interact with or their health will decline. Living alone is torture for whales like Kiska. She was captured in Iceland in 1979, and sold to Marineland, Kiska was only 3 years of age. Several complaints have been made to Animal Welfare Services regarding Marineland’s water systems. They house beluga whales, dolphins, walruses, sea lions and one Orca. These animals have been reported to be in distress due to the poor water quality. This petition is to help get Kiska moved to a caring whale sanctuary immediately! Marineland is breaking the law by subjecting Kiska and the other marine animals, to an environment which is not sufficient to meet their physical and mental needs. With all the complaints that this facility has had over the years, they actually should be forced to relinquish all of their animals. In the meantime let’s save Kiska before she succumbs to her deadly environment.

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