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PAOV — On May 1st, a polar bear was shot and killed from a helicopter in Gaspé, Québec after it approached a residential area. Wildlife officials chose to kill the bear, rather than attempt to tranquillize and relocate it. Polar bears spend most of their lives on Arctic sea ice, but as global warming continues to melt sea ice, polar bear sightings are likely to become more common further south. This petition is urging the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks to be better prepared to deal with the next polar bear sighting, so more bears are not needlessly killed. If you think polar bears should be protected, not shot and killed, sign the petition now.

They hunted a... polar bear and shot it dead Ils ont chassé un ours polaire et l’ont abatu

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Polar Bears are awesome creatures. Due to global warming they are an endangered species. The past 4 years have been the hottest yet. Sea Ice in the Artic is melting at a rate if 14% per decade. This is hurting polar bears dramatically since they are starving to death. We have already lost 40% of all polar bears. We need to help this bread and if it ventures into new regions the "Ministere des Forets, de la Faune et les Parcs" needs to treat this animal as the endangers species that it is.

May 1st using a helicopter the "Ministere des Foret de la Faune et les Parc" horrifically hunted and Killed a Polar Bear in the Gaspesie region of Quebec. Commander Sylvain Marois was the lead of this operation and even if he says he had no choice to protect human life, we demand an investigation. There is always an alternative to killing an endangered animal! Furthermore we ask the "Misistere des forets, de la Faune et les Parcs" to get equipped with the proper equipment to deal with a situation like this if it ever reoccurs in the future.

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