Oh no, not again!

Trudeau’s cabinet just approved another $10 billion in subsidies for the Trans Mountain pipeline. r1


The Trudeau cabinet just approved a $10 billion loan guarantee to entice investment in the Trans Mountain pipeline.1 Let's be clear, no matter how they try to spin it, this is a $10 billion fossil fuel subsidy.

Once again, the Trudeau government is ignoring climate science and betting on dangerous fossil fuel expansion. Imagine what $10 billion could instead do if we passed the Just Transition Act and invested that money in workers, communities, and everyday people?

Help us disrupt Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault’s day by flooding his office with faxes demanding action on Canada’s Just Transition. Our one-click tool makes it easy.

It’s 2022. Wasting billions in public money on a fossil fuel pipeline is just as ridiculous as using a fax machine as a primary mode of communication. It’s about time our decision makers got with the times and delivered the ambitious climate action we need now.

Our goal is to hit Minister Guilbeault and MPs across the country with at least 2,000 faxes today. Can you help us get there?

World renowned climate scientists, Canada’s own federal agencies, Indigenous communities, and tens of... thousands of people across the country have stood up to fight the Trans Mountain pipeline. Our collective actions successfully chased away Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan -- the original pipeline owner. And we’ve delayed its completion by a few years. But we can’t let up. We must stay united in the fight to stop Trans Mountain and win a Just Transition that works for people and the planet.



1: Politico: Trudeau Cabinet approves C$10B loan guarantee for TMX

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