Calf roping

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PAOV — Calf roping, or tie-down roping, is a popular rodeo event where panicked young calves are lassoed around the neck and tied up by cowboys. The impact of being slammed to the ground can cause serious injuries to the calves, like spinal cord damage, broken bones, and internal hemorrhaging. Petition starter Wendy is urging Rodeo Canada to end calf roping at their events. If you think that baby animals shouldn’t be tortured for entertainment, sign the petition now.

End Cruel Calf Roping Events

22,378 have signed Wendy Szakacs’s petition. Let’s get to 25,000!

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In calf roping, four and five-month-old baby calves are taken from their mothers so that cowboys can demonstrate their skills while spectators cheer.

Also known as tie-down roping, the event begins with a calf bursting, terrified, out of a gate. Cowboys then lasso the neck of the calf, causing its neck to snap back, and its body to slam to the ground. The baby cow’s legs are then tied together.

Some of these young calves suffer severe neck and back injuries, torn ligaments, broken bones, spinal cord damage, severed tracheas, and internal hemorrhaging.

Dr. Peggy Larson, a former bareback bronco rider and large animal veterinarian has said, “The rope around the neck stops the head, but the weight of the calf’s body keeps moving, stretching the muscles and tissues in the neck. It would be like a 220 to 280 pound man hanging himself.”

We can’t allow this to continue. Calf roping should not have to be a part of a Rodeo Canada sanctioned rodeo. Please join me in calling on Rodeo Canada to put an end to this cruel practice.

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