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Paige and Dinjot here – we’re Dogwood’s staff organizers in Vancouver and Surrey.

Over the last few weeks, our team of more than 100 callers reached thousands of Dogwood supporters to have powerful and honest conversations about the outsized opportunity to choose our next premier. The callers were made up of local volunteers, staff, friends and even activists from other provinces, all looking for a way to support. All looking for a bit of hope.

And... finding hope isn’t easy right now.

Everywhere you turn there’s another crisis that needs your attention – climate disasters, poisoned drugs, rising inflation, inadequate health care. Worse still, there are no quick-fix solutions to the intersecting crises we face.

But this calling campaign was a reminder of what’s possible when different people, separated by time and space, come together to do something as small as having a three minute conversation. Those connections can multiply into something so much bigger.

Some of these conversations weren’t easy. Many of the voices on the other end of the phone were resistant to joining the BC NDP, even if it meant a direct vote for the premier. They were too disappointed by the NDP, and disillusioned about electoral politics. But those folks are the reason we call — so we can talk openly about what’s happening with our democracy and what we can all do to make change.

For the most part, we had a lot of supporters willing to step up. Dogwood volunteer Penny reached a man who was riding the bus so couldn’t chat long, but was interested in the leadership race. After hearing her out, the man decided to sign up. And the next day, he told three more friends who did the same. I had no idea this was happening, he said. Thank YOU for helping me to do this.

From one conversation came four more. What comes from thousands?

Building power means uniting with our friends at other organizations, like 350 Canada, the Climate Emergency Unit, Sustainabiliteens, Our Time, Force of Nature and others to seize moments like this one and amplify actions that will make change.

It also means grabbing every opportunity we have to connect with others who share the same vision — of Indigenous sovereignty restored across these lands, of fresh air and clean water for the next generation, and of racial and social justice that protects our planet and lifts up all communities – and asking them to step outside their comfort zone in the name of change.
We do that again and again until we win.

In solidarity,

Paige and Dinjot

P.S. While the membership drive is over, our work is not! Stay tuned for what comes next...

Thanks for all you do,

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