This could be the worst hurricane in Canadian history

As I write this, Hurricane Fiona, the storm that just left millions in Puerto Rico and the Dominican without power, is headed directly for Nova Scotia. r1


My blood is boiling. A federal investigation in the US just forced Shell, Chevron, BP and ExxonMobil to hand over a trove of emails and internal documents that shed new light on just how cynical these oil giants really are.

In the emails, oil and gas executives admit that net zero has nothing to do with their business models, acknowledge they’re gaslighting the public, and even joke about hoping youth climate activists get infested with bedbugs.1 The explosive documents prove that, despite promising to “go green” decades ago, Big Oil is still obsessed with securing a long-term future for fossil fuels.

It’s clear that these companies will go to any length to protect their bottom line, even if it means unleashing more climate chaos on the rest of us. That’s why our movements are calling on political leaders across Canada to stop appeasing corporate lobbyists and finally take the transformative climate action we need.

Paov, Parliament is back in session this week. Let’s make sure our representatives know they’re supposed to work for us –... the people – not Big Oil. Use our template message to email your Member of Parliament now.

While fossil fuel executives work to sabotage climate action, climate disasters are ravaging communities around the world. As I write this, Hurricane Fiona, the storm that just left millions in Puerto Rico and the Dominican without power, is headed directly for Nova Scotia.2 It’s likely to make landfall as a Category 3 storm, which would make it the strongest hurricane experienced in Canadian history.3

It couldn’t be more clear: this is the moment to kickstart a rapid, Just Transition beyond fossil fuels. Contact your MP right now and ask them to pass a Just Transition Act that leaves no worker or community behind.

Oil companies have money, but what they don’t have is people power fortified by a deep love for people and the planet. Those damning emails exposed Big Oil’s lies, but they also revealed how scared they are, openly worrying about our movement’s success. I know that in the months to come, we can build the power needed to take on these climate villains and win the federal Just Transition legislation we deserve. Take action now to set those wheels in motion.


P.S. This Friday, young people across the country and around the world are taking action as part of a Global Climate Strike under the banner of #PeopleNotProfits. There may be an event near you to join. Check the maps here and here.

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