Meta is supercharging a Stop The Steal movement in Brazil.

Tell Meta to stop promoting election disinformation and calls for a military coup.

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BREAKING NEWS: We just found out Meta is profiting from violent ads calling for a military coup in Brazil – all while top execs get rich from it.

With the Brazilian presidential election just days away, Meta is approving ads inciting violence and spewing hate speech, and its algorithms are pushing users towards extremist conspiracy theories about election fraud.

The company’s top execs are likely terrified of being associated with another attempted coup like January 6th. Let’s use the power of our community to pressure Meta to crack down on election lies, and show it that the world is watching. With only days to go until Brazil goes to the polls we have to act now! Sign and share.

Tell Meta: Stop promoting election disinformation and calls for violence in Brazil

Our research is... clear. Meta's toxic algorithms are not only failing to remove incitements to violence but are actively amplifying hate and election disinformation.

If users keep being pushed towards the most extreme and violent posts, there will be no stopping Brazil’s very own Stop the Steal movement.

Some will try to place the onus on the users creating the content. But there is no denying that these violent extremists wouldn’t have the platform they do without Meta holding them out a giant megaphone.

We will not let these tech giants keep profiting from hate, disinformation and calls for violence.

Meta: Protect our democracies, not your bottom line

When Meta tried to force users in Brazil into selling their data, SumOfUs members just like you banned together to stop the rollout of this abusive and illegal policy.

Together, we can make Meta listen this time too.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Daphne, Vicky and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

The Role of Digital Platforms in Protecting Electoral Integrity in the 2022 Brazilian election
Democracia Pede Socorro. September, 2022

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Insider. 9th September, 2022 Facebook Owner Meta Is Failing to Prevent Repeat of Jan. 6 in Brazil, Report Warns Time Magazine, 5th September, 2022

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