Quick action: Send Big Oil the bill for climate chaos

Here's how you can help the activists invoicing Big Oil for the cost of climate chaos this week. r1


Right now, climate activists dressed as officials from the “Ministry of Just Transition” are delivering giant invoices to the offices of Canada’s biggest polluters to put them on notice that it’s time to pay for worsening climate disasters. It’s outrageous that while Canadians struggle to afford the basics, Big Oil has more than tripled the profits they're making off our backs.

We know Big Oil won’t pay communities for the loss and damage they have caused by fuelling the climate crisis. But the federal government can make sure they do.

Use our simple digital tool to make sure Trudeau sees the invoice we just gave to Big Oil and demand a Windfall Profits Tax that will help fund the kind of bold climate solutions we need.

Then take a minute to watch this important message from the Ministry of Just Transition that shows what a Windfall Profits Tax could fund if our government had the spine to imagine big and bold climate action.

Trudeau promised bold climate solutions. That’s why, while Canada’s fossil fuel... lobby makes their pitch to world leaders at the UN climate summit, the fictional Ministry of Just Transition is dusting off our shoes and ramping up the pressure at home.

This morning, activists delivered a giant invoice to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers office in Ottawa to demand they pay up for worsening climate disasters. Another group will deliver an invoice to ExxonMobil in St. John’s this afternoon. They also called on the federal government to tax the windfall profits of oil and gas companies to fund Canada’s just transition to 100% clean energy.

While the Ministry of Just Transition isn’t real, the project is about showing what’s possible if Parliament acts with courage. Taxing Big Oil is a critical first step in funding the bold, transformative climate solutions we need as we race to tackle the climate emergency.

Take one minute to send a digital version of the invoice and get #TaxBigOil trending on Twitter. Let’s put the pressure on Trudeau and Guilbeault to pass a Windfall Profits Tax.

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