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Beware the Popular Idea That You Know a Hidden Truth

From "woke" to "red pilling", a simple idea—that your side is awake to the secret way things are while everyone else sleepwalks—has made its way across intense ideological divides. Our newest post for Psychology Today looks at the phenomena and its impacts.

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Free screening of Bonds That Hurt: Bonds That Heal

Join CFSC and the Canadian Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents on Friday November 18 for a free online screening of the film Bonds That Hurt: Bonds That Heal. This film looks at the life-long impacts on a child when their parent is incarcerated. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="text-decoration: underline; color: #D2222B;" rel="noopener">'+addy_text35672+'<\/a>'; //--> and get a link to watch the film.

Long-time CFSC associate member for synthetic biology Anne Mitchell speaks at a conference CFSC co-hosted at Friends House in Toronto, 2017. The implications of gene drives were one topic that came up frequently over the course of the conference.

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Calling for a moratorium on gene drives

Some scientists and corporations want to alter wild animals, insects, and plants. One technology being worked on for this is called a gene drive. It would force a genetically engineered trait to be inherited by an abnormally high number of offspring. In theory this might make that trait take over in an entire wild population, or even a whole species.

We're concerned that the far-reaching ecological, social, and spiritual impacts of gene drives are being largely ignored. CFSC has joined again with groups from around the world to call for a pause on gene drives, at least until meaningful regulations exist. Find out more.

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Demonstration in Stockholm against the Russian invasion of Ukraine Feb 27, 2022 CC-BY 4.0 Frankie Fouganthin

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Quaker agencies issue collective statement on Ukraine and the peace testimony

CFSC has joined our sister Quaker agencies in other countries to publish a new joint statement about the situation in Ukraine and the Quaker peace testimony. Read the statement (PDF). Our April 2022 article discusses this issue in more depth.

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