Increase Security at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Increase Security at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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On October 26, 2022, a community member at TMU was sexually assaulted in the Kerr Hall East... bathroom. This is not the first incident of sexual assault at TMU this year. In March of this year, another community member was also assaulted in Kerr Hall East.

These incidents act as a warning that, without changes made, these attacks will continue to happen and students will live in fear. In an email sent from the University regarding the assault, they suggested students who feel unsafe should use existing programs like WalkSafe. By encouraging students to use these programs instead of making an actual change to keep students safe, the school is making the student accountable for their own safety.

Toronto Metropolitan University needs increased security at campus buildings to make sure only students and faculty are in the buildings, and to be readily available if an incident occurs. No student should fear for their life or personal safety while at school.

Please consider signing this petition to garner the attention of administration and hopefully have some positive changes made on campus.

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