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The Trudeau government is set to unveil Just Transition legislation early this year, and Big Oil is already on the defensive. Their political ally, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has been waging a war against Ottawa’s plan before it has even been released, spewing misinformation and sowing fear.1

The good news is, the media and public are paying attention to the Just Transition conversation more than ever before. This is a critical moment for our movement to lift up our vision for what a truly just transition to clean energy looks like.

Send a letter to the editor of your local newspapers now to help us spread our vision for the bold, transformative Just Transition Act that this moment demands.

Paov, the Liberal government has a track record of acknowledging the climate emergency while delaying critical climate action. They have been promising Just Transition legislation for years, and now that it’s around the corner they are already signalling that it won’t be as ambitious as many people expect.2 We can’t let them get away with half measures, delays and concessions to Big Oil at this crucial moment. We know... if we are going to stand a chance at avoiding the worst of the climate crisis, we need bold, transformative action now.

The media microscope is on the just transition story right now. That’s why it's a critical time to tell your community the truth about the vision that our movement has been pushing for, one that the vast majority of people across Canada support. We’ve written template letters that lay out how bold Just Transition legislation can help Canada respond to the climate emergency in a way that aligns with science, guarantees a green job to anyone who wants one, and prioritizes justice so no worker or community is left behind as we race to get off fossil fuels.

Use our easy letter writing tool to get our demands published in newspapers across the country and mount pressure on Parliament to pass a Just Transition plan that puts workers and communities first. It only takes a few minutes to write and send your letter to your local newspapers.

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PS: Some of our favourite thinkers and organizers have written a very timely book mapping out how we can win a truly just transition. The End of This World: Climate Justice in So-Called Canada is now available for purchase and the online book launch is coming up on January 31. I hope you'll register to attend and invite some friends to join you!

  1. National Observer: Danielle Smith slams Ottawa’s not-yet-released ‘just transition’ plan
  2. CBC: Natural resource minister defends plan to transition to green economy is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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