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This is a passionate plea from a single mother to the good people and government of Canada to stop our deportation scheduled for March 12, 2023. My name is Oluwayemisi, a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and a mother of 3... wonderful kids, Tobiloba, Oluwadamilola and David Odunlami. We arrived in Canada in 2018 to seek protection as a result of Insecurity, threat, abuse and fear for our lives and family in Nigeria. Shortly after arrival, I lost my spouse who was a hardworking, loyal, committed, and responsible law abiding individual. He worked with Home Depot before his death . And things happened so fast. Our claim was denied. I was diagnosed in 2018 after we came to Canada with type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and Osteoarthritis. Anxiety and depression kicked in. I have also been scheduled for an eye surgery in July 2023, as I can barely see with my eyes due to cataract. My little kids have also developed sleeping disorders as well.

After the death of my husband, As a mother, I kept going on, although barely surviving in taking care of 3 amazing kids. But with the little we have, as the only person working in the family. My kids have shown promise and are doing tremendously in school. My first son who is 15 years has been an outstanding student, always seeking to help others and actively participates in volunteering and extracurricular activities, he strives academically to become a medical doctor, presenting, he plays football representing at the school team. My 12 years old daughter is full of the great ambition of becoming a nurse as she loves caring for both the old and young. She positively impacts her school by way of volunteering to help her teacher and her peers academically. My son David is 9 years old. Although young, he participates in many sports teams as he aspires to becoming a teacher someday.

As a Personal Support Worker (PSW) who worked so hard before, during and after the pandemic in a long term care home, caring for the elderly, vulnerable, and people with disability, I pledge to always give my best to the Society and my family. A chance to live here is a privilege to serve and to hold on to the loving memory of my late spouse with the grace of visiting his grave and paying respects to show that he will not be forgotten, as I promised him before his death.

We solicit families, friends and the good people of Canada to sign this petition and requesting the Canadian authority to defer our removal and also speed up the process and review of our pending Humanitarian and Compassionate application for Permanent Residence. Yemmy believes that deporting her and her three kids to a country where there is constant threat, fear, and family discrimination would greatly have a negative impact on her mental and psychological health. Yemmy believes living in Canada with her three kids would greatly help her with the opportunity of nurturing her children together in a supportive environment.

In conclusion, we are pleading with the good government of Canada to approve our application so that we can live our normal lives, thereby providing an opportunity for my kids to go back to school and me, doing the job I love to do, taking care of people.

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