Algeria: URGENT ACTION to fight anti-union repression

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Algeria: URGENT ACTION to fight anti-union repression

The Algerian Government continues to repress citizens who try to exercise their basic civil and political rights, including union members and leaders. As part of the increasing repression of all forms of democratic activity, independent trade unionists are relentlessly harassed, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

The latest arrest is that of Amine Felih, a member of the Algerian Union of Industries – UAI and a leading member of the Trade Union Confederation of Productive Workers (COSYFOP). Arrested in 2022 and imprisoned for two months on charges of 'membership of a terrorist organization' before being released following a campaign, he was again arrested on March 16, 2023. On April 4, he was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 200,000 Algerian Dinar following charges of 'posting on social media that could harm national security'.

New legal tools to eliminate independent trade unions are currently being prepared. The amendments to the Labour Code adopted in 2022 provide for up to three years in prison for union leaders who challenge the administrative dissolution of their organization (or even discuss the issue with their members).

Click HERE to send a message to the Algerian Government calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all trade unionists imprisoned or prosecuted for exercising their right to freedom of association!

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