Rescued cats at risk

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PAOV — You can make a difference. Sign Juliana’s petition now to save Furry Tales Cat Rescue.

Please support the Proposed Zoning by-law amendment for Furry Tales Cat Rescue

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Donna Macrae, founder and executive director of Furry Tales Cat Rescue, has been quiet on social media... lately due to issues with a neighbour filing a complaint about running the rescue from a private road.

The Rescue has been in operation for 8 years come August 2023 and has helped almost 8000 cats to date.

Helped without a cent of funding from Drummond and North Elmsley Township, without financial compensation as volunteers, and operated for 5 years before the neighbour purchased his property.

Last year we saved over 1200 cats. For herself, she has nothing to lose. She is retired. Furry Tales is a 100 percent volunteer run organization. For the stray, abandoned and homeless cats it is a tragedy.

The neighbour didn’t come to them to say the 5 to 10 cars a day are a nuisance, could we pay extra for road repairs. He went directly to the Township to question the zoning for having cats here.

The zoning does allow for an animal clinic. That was a Township error. Being a lot without municipal road frontage, it requires a zoning amendment.

There is a Committee of the Whole meeting June 13 at Township of Drummond and North Elmsley @5:00PM to determine if we should be allowed to continue to help cats in need.

We invite our supporters to attend to show support however intake remains closed until a decision is rendered. In the meantime any requests for wounded, stray or surrendered cats can be made to Lanark Animal Welfare Society at 613 283 9308 or the Township of Drummond and North Elmsley at 613 267 6500

Our hearts are broken over the cats we can’t help currently and worry about the 183 cats currently in care

We ask that you sign this petition in support of the Township approving the amendment, and we thank you for your ongoing support.

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