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PAOV — You can make a difference. Sign now to join Dawn in urging Kelowna to enact a bylaw to fine residents who leave out wildlife attractants so the area’s bear population is protected.

Save Our Bears! Demand City of West Kelowna enacts bylaw to fine for wildlife attractants

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Last week this beautiful bear family was part of the Tallus Ridge neighborhood in Shannon Lake of West Kelowna, but because of people not securing their garbage until the morning of pick-up they became garbage habituated and their fate was sealed.

This will continue happening unless we stand up together and make change!

Let’s have our City enact a bylaw for fining those who leave out wildlife attractants, as it appears the only motivation for some is money.

To the City of West Kelowna: We emplore you to enact a bylaw so enforcement may be carried out to prevent future bear families from suffering a similar fate. To prohibit the supply of unnatural foods to wildlife because of intent, neglect or irresponsible management of attractants; implementing enforcement which includes escalating penalties, further educational programs and communication with communities (ex "bear in area" signs).

In order to proect both humans and wildlife we ask that our council enact preventative laws that reduce the chances of conflict so these animals do not become habituated to seeking food from humans.

Money generated from bylaw enforcement can help address human-bear conflicts such as the purchase of additional bear-proof containers or funding local wildlife education programs and rescues.

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