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news and action Friday July 7, 2023 July 3, 2023 was the hottest day we know of in the history of the planet… a record that lasted all of 24 hours. On July 4, temperatures soared 0.17 degrees Celsius higher.

Here in B.C., we’re feeling the heat. More than one million hectares of land and woods has burned up because of wildfires this year, making 2023 the third worst fire season on record. When combined with the fires in the rest of Canada, it’s the worst year yet.

There have been 637 fires in the province, and authorities are warning the rest of this month and August will be even worse. Hotter,... drier conditions are mostly to blame for that.

Last week was the two year anniversary of B.C.’s devastating heat dome. Hotter temperatures are becoming a way of life, as predicted. It’s on us to look after each other and help people who need it, if we can.

It’s also important to ask for help when you’re the one struggling. If you feel at risk of overheating, reach out to family or neighbours. You can also call your municipality office and ask where to find support.

Here are more tips to help get through the heat:
  • Drink more water than you usually do
  • Avoid physical exertion during peak hot hours, if possible
  • If your home gets too hot, cool down in a cold shower, or head to a grocery store, mall, public library or rec centre
  • Avoid getting sunburned — it makes it harder for your body to cool itself
  • Never leave children or pets inside a parked vehicle when it’s hot outside
  • Check on at-risk family members, neighbours and friends
  • Buy a fan, and consider installing air conditioning or a heat pump if you have the means
Take care of yourself, and those around you if you can.
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