Fossil fuel extraction companies should step up to help fight wildfires!

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Fossil fuel extraction companies should step up to help fight wildfires!

Kerry Hill started this petition to Justin Trudeau, and it now has 3,288 signatures

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I live in south eastern Ontario where, like many other areas of North America, we have had to endure unprecedented smoke from wildfires in northern Quebec and Ontario. Now there are fires from many areas in the eastern U.S.A. contributing to the circulating smoke.

Wildfires due to lightning strikes and human activity are nothing new to summers in North America. However, the lack of rainfall has made these areas tinder dry and is allowing them to burn much longer, creating massive plumes of smoke that reach locales hundreds of kilometers/miles away.

Climate change is a major factor in changing the weather patterns over North America, resulting in less precipitation in northern Quebec and Ontario. CO2 emission from fossil fuel extraction, shipping and burning is the major cause of climate change.

"Hundreds of forest fires since early May have generated nearly 600m tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 88% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions from all sources in 2021, the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reported." from Canada’s wildfire carbon emissions hit record high in first six months of 2023 | Canada | The Guardian.

I am asking that we demand fossil fuel extraction companies and their investors now do the right thing and step up NOW to help governments put out these fires!

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