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PAOV — Pedro, Sandra, and their children, Luna and Alan, have been living in Canada since 2021 but are facing deportation to Colombia on Sunday. If they are forced to return to Colombia, they fear that their lives will be at risk. The family is urgently appealing to Canadian immigration authorities to stop the deportation and give them more time to present the humanitarian reasons they have for staying in Canada. You can help Pedro, Sandra, Luna, and Alan by signing the petition now.

CBSA deports Colombian family

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I, Pedro Alexander Zuluaga Villegas, on behalf of myself, my wife Sandra Fabiola Moreno Molina, and my children Luna Sofia Zuluaga Moreno and Alan Zuluaga Moreno write this petition with great regret, despair and a deep sense of urgency, I fear for my life and the life of my family, who are facing unfair deportation due to the bad advice and handling by the lawyer, who inadequately handled our case. Now we are in this difficult situation, which is why with great hope we urgently appeal to the immigration authorities to stop the deportation proceedings against my family and me and give us time to present humanitarian reasons.

We arrived to Canada on May 22, 2021, looking for protection, security, freedom, and opportunities to have a better life, we have worked to contribute positively to our community by abiding by the law and striving to integrate into Canadian society, however despite our best efforts to build a future here in Canada we are now facing a painful situation that is deportation, this cruel determination that is currently tearing my family apart.

Deportation should be reserved for those who pose a real threat to national security or have committed serious crimes, in our case, there is no such justification.

My family and I fear for our lives, returning to our country of origin presents serious risks due to political corruption, the economic and social instability that we would have to go through, the violence that the country has faced for more than 50 years and we have had to live in our flesh and for this reason, we had to flee from there in search of tranquility and security, for no reason we can return, at this moment we feel terrified just thinking about an involuntary return.

Our children have settled in and have created their life here, they feel Canada is their home, they do not understand how this great nation that welcomed them from day one made them feel safe, protected, and important in this society, for more than 2 years that we have been living here, from one moment to the next, he simply wants to send them back to the country they left 5 years ago, scared and without understanding what was happening, leaving family, school, and friends, today we feel that they once again have to face this hard process and drastically, they have made strong connections with their friends, they have integrated positively into Canadian society, they are active and well-established members of the community, just the thought of going back to Colombia has them going through depression and bouts of depression right now. severe anxiety, since they know that returning is a risk to our lives.

We strongly and desperately ask that you support and help us by signing this petition to be able to stop this deportation order that is active this Sunday, July 16, 2023.


Pedro Zuluaga
Sandra Moreno
Luna y Alan Zuluaga Moreno

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