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news and action Friday July 21, 2023 The B.C. government is urging people to take shorter showers. That’s because much of the province is currently in a level four drought. This lack of water is typically not seen until much later in the summer.

Meanwhile firefighters are paying with their lives in the battle to contain the worst wildfire season in history. In the last week, firefighters have died in B.C., Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

The Ktunaxa community of ʔaq̓am has also paid a heavy price, losing 10 per cent of the homes on reserve to the raging St. Mary’s River fire near Cranbrook.

ʔaq̓am is... where residents hoped to build B.C.’s biggest solar farm, but their plans were stalled when the province refused to buy clean power from the First Nations community.

Meanwhile, our government continues to dish out fracking permits in the province’s northeast. Fracking for methane requires billions of litres of water. The only thing slowing down fracking this summer is the fires.

In one of the only places in the province not shrouded in wildfire smoke, oil and gas executives gathered at LNG 2023: an industry schmoozefest to push for fracking expansion.

As the B.C. government focuses on futile measures that will make virtually no impact, like showers, the fracking industry gets a free pass to suck up billions of litres of water.

LNG is fuelling fires, floods and droughts. Changing individual consumption habits won’t change that. We need collective action.

Our next opportunity to speak truth to power is coming up: join a Frack Free BC rally happening next week. Find one near you.
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