Three Priorities for 2017

Open Society Foundations Students holding protest signs © Scott Olson/Getty
We begin the year surrounded by uncertainty in every dimension of public life. Yet pervasive uncertainty must not excuse indecision. Now is the time to stand firm against the hate-filled assaults, threats, and screams unleashed by the presidential campaign. This spirit gives rise to three priorities for the Open Society Foundations globally in 2017: to work on cyberpolitics, to support youth in the public sphere, and to continue our commitment to the rights of migrants everywhere. These are quintessential examples of the kind of philanthropy that we embrace, and we will pursue them without ambivalence.


Governance and Accountability

How One Courageous Whistle-Blower Exposed Corruption in Slovakia’s Government

Zuzana Hlávková at a press conference
The story of an ordinary civil servant turned transparency pioneer.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Brazil’s Groundbreaking Attempt to Get Corporate Money Out of City Politics

People in a polling station
In 2016, for the first time, all private-sector campaign financing for municipal elections came exclusively from individuals.

Rights and Justice

The Lebanese Nationality Law That Leaves Children Stateless

A young woman writing on a large sign
A generation of children will grow up without a country because Lebanese mothers with foreign-born husbands cannot pass on their nationality to their children.


On the Global Path of Cotton

Man carrying large pile of jeans on his shoulders
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Jŏst Franko traces cotton’s path from growers in Burkina Faso to production in Bangladesh to the retail stores of Western Europe.

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