Victory! Vancouver cracks down on puppy mill cruelty


City councillors support a ban on retail pet sales r33

Dear PAOV, 

The City of Vancouver just took a huge step forward for animals. After thousands of citizens voiced their support, city councillors voted to ban the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet stores! 

Animal Justice lawyer Anna Pippus spoke at the City Council meeting in favour of the ban. We told councillors how a retail ban on pet sales will help shut down abusive puppy mills that supply stores, and reduce euthanasia rates in shelters.

Commercial breeders often breed animals until their bodies give out, keeping them in squalid conditions with serious injuries and diseases. In two recent B.C. puppy mill busts, investigators found dogs suffering from severely matted fur, missing eyes, broken limbs, and open sores.

Meanwhile, shelters are overflowing with loving animals who need homes. Banning pet sales will lead to more adoptions of rescue animals, encouraging the public to think of animals as life-long companions instead of consumer items.

Vancouver city councillors are also considering including other animals in the ban, like birds, reptiles, and fishes. This would be groundbreaking!

PAOV, thank you for everything you do for animals. Please join us in celebrating this victory!


The Animal Justice Team

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