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When people in Canada and around the world face injustice, they turn to Change.org to raise awareness, gather support and make change. Anyone can do this completely free of charge, thanks to the support of our amazing members. They help support important campaigns like this one:

Michelle’s mom was one of thousands of laid-off Sears staff who had their severance agreements torn up. When Michelle learned that Sears’ top executives were set to be paid up to $7.6 million in bonuses while her mom scrambled to find a new career, she knew she had to take action.

Michelle started a petition calling on the company to stop putting bonuses before workers, and it’s received support from over 40,000 people and counting. Their voices are being heard, but the fight isn’t over.

Sears recently announced a $500,000 hardship fund for former employees, using a small slice of the money previously set aside for executive bonuses. It’s a positive step forward, but more needs to be done.

Change.org will be there every step of the way, offering resources to connect communities, build effective strategies and tactics, and so much more.

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