A Major Victory for Justice in Nigeria

Open Society Foundations Two men inside a jail. © Benedicte Kurzen/NOOR for the Open Society Foundations
In 2005, 16 freshly minted Nigerian lawyers tried something new: they began offering free legal advice to suspects within 48 hours of their arrest. There was little doubt that their services were needed; more than two-thirds of the country’s prison population is simply waiting for a trial, a process that sometimes takes years. In the time since, an expanded version of their initiative has saved some 15,000 suspects from needless pretrial detention, and Nigeria’s most senior police officer has embraced it and made it standard policy. As great as the work of the past 12 years has been, the future looks even better.



Azerbaijan’s Wrong Turn

A woman holding up a passport.
Authorities in Baku appear to be newly reinvigorated in their war on Azerbaijani dissidents living in exile. A recent alleged kidnapping and a new report each offer evidence of this rising threat to human rights.

Governance & Accountability

What’s in Your Drinking Water? Too Many People Still Don’t Know

A boy holding a plastic bottle.
This year’s International Right to Know Day was a reminder that despite the progress that’s been made, far too many people still don’t know the basic information they need to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.

Education & Youth

How Young Pakistanis Are Sharing Their World on Bolo Jawan

Young men and women sitting outside.
Weddings, politics, food, sports, and more: a new website is giving young Pakistanis the opportunity to write about life from their point of view.


Here We Are: Visual Resistance and Reclaiming Narratives

Teepees superimposed over a man wearing a cowboy hat.
This week on Open Society’s Instagram, we share images from our new exhibition of documentary photography on social justice and human rights.

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